About JG Media

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Web Developer, Web Designer, Programmer, 100% Nerd – I am JG Media…

I am one big nerd who speaks computer very well. I studied computer programming and computer sciences at an early age both personally and industry speaking. Technology has grown extremely fast and I’ve seen it happen all in my lifetime. I built FORTRAN and PASCAL programs in my early teens (languages that would go the way of the dinosaurs before I finished high school). I then expanded my knowledge into C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, Flash, PHP, and continued to work with newer technologies in my later high school years. My schooling also included a heavy dose of graphic design – I’ve worked with Photoshop since it’s beginning. When the world didn’t end in 1999 (or 2012 for that matter) the world had plenty of demand for web developers and graphic designers. Fortunately I had a good grasp on both.

A web designer who also speaks human!

I am known for my ability to explain technology in a way that is very easy to understand. Though I have been a computer nerd my whole life, I have spent plenty of time “in the real world” working several “lowly” jobs to pay my way through schooling and to support myself and my family. I’ve worked as a janitor, a construction worker, a salesman, and a shipping room monkey among other things. I’ve learned how to communicate with people. This is why I love working with people who outright accept that they “aren’t computer people” and probably why they love working with me.

I work hard and pay close attention to the needs of my clients. I think my strongest asset isn’t necessarily my technical knowledge and aptitude for programming, but my ability to really listen to a customer and give him/her exactly the best possible solution to meet his/her needs. In many instances I’m able to see the end goal clearly enough to refine client workflow and increase productivity. A customer may request a technologically complicated solution for a needlessly complicated way of taking care of business. After a short consultation, I’m often able to show how technology and custom programming can streamline workflow. Technology should make our lives easier.

A glimpse into the life of JG

I love sci-fi, surfing, the outdoors, sustainable living, renewable energy technologies, and I spend a large portion of my time in volunteer work. I am a family man, an entrepreneur, a life-hacker, mad-scientist, a visionary, and a dreamer. My favorite ability is something I learned from my recently late father – to live not in the same reality as everyone else, but to find a way to create my own and bring it to everyone else. Some may call me crazy for that (and they’re probably right), but to a very large extent, almost anything is possible.